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  1. visceral-vegan

    Crockpot Soup

    Hi All, I am making a soup in my crockpot tonight with Gardein chicken strips and cauliflower rice. Has anyone ever used either of these food items in a crockpot soup recipe? Any idea when I should add the rice and chicken? Thanks vv
  2. visceral-vegan

    Newbie: Looking for Support

    Things are so different now. There are tons of options as more and more companies offer plant-based options. Restaurants too are adding vegan options. And the food is GOOD!!!
  3. visceral-vegan

    Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

    I love this! I felt horrible when I learned how animals are treated in the industries we use them for. I was so ashamed and guilty, feeling like I kind of knew but allowed myself to be in denial or just not think about it. I tend to be an all or nothing person and I am constantly trying to...
  4. visceral-vegan

    Hey there

    Hi Everyone! I am so glad I found this forum! I became a vegan a little over a week ago after a friend of mine had an experience that she shared on Facebook. One thing led to another and I ended up viewing some clips from the "Earthlings" movie. :cold_sweat: So of course, I couldn't possibly...