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    Easiest vegan lunches on a budget?

    I am an omnivore who was thinking about trying to eat less fast food meats for the environment. I am a pretty lazy person when it comes to food which is why currerently if I want to eat less fast food on my lunch break I bring canned fruit, apples, bananas, peanuts, or granola-like bars. What...
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    Does this joke bother? My friend on Facebook posted this and I said although I no longer am vegan I could see some vegans being triggered by this. She said she didn't believe this would bother anybody. Do you see this as an innocent joke or does it offend you?
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    Why I think eating meat can be moral

    From an ethical standpoint I can understand eliminating animal products to reduce animal suffering or global warming impacts. These are no doubt lofty worthwhile goals I can understand as a former vegan from a decade ago. However it was always clear to me that there is inherent environmental...