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  1. Olychka

    Low b12 & vitd, elevated tsh...

    Have you heard about vaporized vitamin B12? It is not painful like injections. You can use the nicotine free vape pen to treat the B12 deficiency.
  2. Olychka

    Vegan for five years and considering eggs

    Being vegan really a pride. Generally vegan people does not eat any animal based food, like egg, milk and not honey also. Instead of eating egg you could find find some other supplements or capsule etc.
  3. Olychka

    Original definition of vegan was better

    Veganism is a stricter form of vegetarianism; like vegetarians, vegans don't eat any animals that have been killed and also avoid animal products altogether, like eggs or dairy products and, usually, no honey either.
  4. Olychka

    Iron in a Vegan diet

    I know banana has little amount of iron, still for vegan people it can be considered a source of iron. Little amount but has the iron.
  5. Olychka

    Product Renpure cruelty-free hair care

    Undoubtedly vegan products are better than the cosmetic products which has chemical ingredients. Hope you have good experience with vegan beauty products. Recently the vegan beauty products have become so popular. Have heard about cruelty free argan oil shampoo, the ingredients used in this...
  6. Olychka

    Iron in a Vegan diet

    Yes, iron plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells in our blood. Well for vegan people banana is a good source for iron. Take dried fruits, such as prunes, figs, and apricots, fortified cereals, pumpkin, lentils, beans - there are so many full of iron foods that can be consumed by...
  7. Olychka

    How to get enough iron?

    It is good that you are transitioning to vegan. You no need to worry about the iron enriched food. banana is a good vegan source for iron. You can take half cup of canned lima beans, red kidney beans, or chickpeas. 1 cup dried apricots will give enough iron to your body. If you area potato...
  8. Olychka

    How to prevent vitamin b12 deficiency among vegans and vegetarians?

    Fortified non-dairy milk (fortified with vitamin B12 ) is an option for vitamin B12. Otherwise there are other option - vitamin B12 supplement capsules, vitamin vaporizer (nicotine free), vitamin B12 injections .
  9. Olychka

    How much b12 do i really need?

    I have vitamin B12 deficiency, I have never experienced this liquid supplements. Instead I use regularly the vitamin 12 vape pen. It is the vaporized vitamin consumes by the body instantly. It is nicotine free, good for the body and also recommended by the doctor for the B12 deficient people...
  10. Olychka

    Thoughts on supplements?

    Vegan people do not take animal based food, so the supplements are very much important for vegan people. I am also vegan. Do you have any issue with this term "they"? Just asking.
  11. Olychka

    Can't tell whether i have sunburn or dermatitis

    See a dermatologist and I would suggest to use vegan beauty products as you have skin problems. Avoid using beauty products with chemical ingredients.
  12. Olychka

    Is this amount of exercise excessive?

    Eating excessive food is harmful and also excessive exercise is also harmful. Take proper schedule from a physicain or gym master to have a well balanced exercise. Do not punish yourself with exercise.
  13. Olychka

    High blood pressure on low salt diet

    You can saute the salt on a hot pan and take that extra salt with your food. Not only for high blood pressure patient, everybody should avoid the habit of eating extra salt. It is good for taste and also provided the essential iodine to our body. For high blood pressure, do exercise, avoid junk...
  14. Olychka

    Thoughts on supplements?

    Very nice Lisa. B12 deficiency is very common for vegan people. They need B12 supplements. You have done a great job. It will help vegan to have their daily requirement of vitamin B12. For working people B12 deficiency creates lots of problem, like tiredness, weakness etc.
  15. Olychka

    Is it possible to eat too much fruit and vegetables?

    I am extremely sorry for that, I have not commented that particular "animal based foods" for vegan people. For vegan it is good to take B12 supplements. Thanks for rectifying me.
  16. Olychka

    Iron deficiency

    It is good that you are taking supplements for iron. Also eat lots of iron reached foods, like banana, orange juice, strawberry, broccoli, canned tomatoes, baked potatoes, spinach, kidney beans, vitamin C. Also avoid tea and coffee.
  17. Olychka

    Easy perfect vegan ice cream

    In 2019, veganism has become a trend. People are moving to vegan foods, vegan beauty products. Vegan do not take animal based food. So this ice cream recipe will gonna be the favorite recipe for the ice creme lovers. But one thing, don't eat more ice cream, it will increase your weight.
  18. Olychka

    Natural remedies for cold/flu

    Natural remedies are always best. I prefer natural remedies for health care, skin care, hair care also. I also use natural beauty products. There are many natural remedies to cure cold and flu. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, take raw garlic or cooked garlic, it will help to fight with cold...
  19. Olychka

    Is it possible to eat too much fruit and vegetables?

    you can eat more and more vegetables and fruits but according to the dietitian advice. You may have any type of deficiencies like, iron, vitamin or protein. if you have vitamin B12 deficiency then you should eat animal based food regularly, drink more amount of milk. If you are fat, then avoid...
  20. Olychka

    Free recipes. milk it. a simple guide to making dairy free mik

    You have shared a PDF link. It is not working properly. I am not able to see all the pages. Milk is a healthy drink for all and people avoid it as they found it tasteless. If the link was working, then I could find some way to make the dairy free milk.