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    Vegfest LONDON... who is coming?

    If you are send me a private message, it would be cool to meet a few people from this board. For more details check out

    "Vegans" who eat meat...

    Yep I know. Has anyone else here met "vegans" who act the part but do, when pressed, reveal that you do in fact eat meat "from time to time"? Its hard to know what to feel about these guys. They do a lot more good for animals than the average meat eater but something doesn't sit right with...

    I'm WOODRAT from London, hello!

    Hi there. I am WOODRAT, 30, I live in London. I have been veggie for about six years and vegan for coming up to one year. I became veggie and tee-total after a chance encounter with a book on Zen in a library while doing some homework. I don''t have any veggie or vegan friends and I am quite...