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  1. Indian Summer

    Good news about green energy innovations

    It's sometimes difficult to stay positive about the future when there are so many troubling news about the impacts of climate change, environment degradation and our governments' apparent lack of sufficient action. While veganism and weaning people off animal products can help in combating the...
  2. Indian Summer

    Non-public forums

    Just wanted to bring to your attention that we have a couple of non-public forums for which you can be granted access: Women's Health Men's Health 18+ Discussion 50+ Discussion The criterion for joining is that you're an established member of good standing. If you'd like to join any of these...
  3. Indian Summer

    Bug Default Green style broken on phones?

    I just got a "new" smartphone (it's a refurbished not-quite-new Sony Android), and the Default Green style just seems so broken. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?
  4. Indian Summer

    Status of Veggie Views merge

    Just to keep you all in the loop on the progress of merging Veggie Views into Vegan Forum. I've just completed the import of all the users and content from VV. For now I decided to just hide the VV forums, but will make them available one-by-one, either as is or by merging the threads in them...
  5. Indian Summer

    Email issues

    It seems that emails from have not been working since Monday -- oops! The mailgun account we were using appears to have stopped working. As a consequence of this, new members will not have been able to sign up properly as the emails with the confirmation links will not have been...
  6. Indian Summer

    Smilies from Veggie Views

    In preparation for merging with VV, I've imported most of the special VV smilies, so a total of 109 extra smilies are now available. As the smilies are shown together with the emojis in the menu, and there are so many emojis, it might not be immediately obvious that the extra smilies are...
  7. Indian Summer

    Become a Supporter!

    It should now be possible to help out with the financial side of Vegan Forum by becoming a Supporter! Perks currently include, but are not limited to: More signature permissions (colour, font, formatting, two lines) A little 'Supporter' title on your account to show you're supporting us Access...
  8. Indian Summer

    Ethical veganism is philosophical belief- Equality Act 2010

    Full article: (3. Jan. 2020) The ruling is part of a case Jordi Casamitjana has brought against his former employer League Against Cruel Sports after he was sacked. The judge has yet to rule on his actual dismissal.
  9. Indian Summer

    News Edible coating for fruit and vegetables

    More: (9. Dec. 2019) It sounds like it's vegan, so in that sense better than the shellac currently used. I'm assuming when this coating is used on fruit such as apples that...
  10. Indian Summer

    Feather duvet lung - allergic reaction to feathers

    So you thought that feather duvet would be the healthy option with its 'all-natural' materials? Well, it turns out that is not always true. Granted, this is probably a somewhat unusual case, but it's a useful reminder that 'natural' doesn't mean we can't have a serious allergic reaction to it...
  11. Indian Summer

    Bug Weird code string in the top left corner

    You may have noticed a weird code string thing in the top left corner over the last few days. After forking out some cash :dizzy: to pay for renewal of a theme, I'm happy to report this has finally been resolved! :sun:
  12. Indian Summer

    UK General Election 2019

    There will be a general election on 12. December, after Labour unexpectedly supported this proposal. The Tories are far ahead in the polls, but much can happen between now and the vote. LibDem leader Jo Swinson thinks she has a realistic chance of becoming the next PM 🤣 That said, I think the...
  13. Indian Summer

    Forum rules

    Hello everyone! I was surprised to find that VF didn't have any actual rules anywhere. So please note that I've created some simple, mostly common-sense rules, based partly on what I believe is already unwritten policy. There is a link at the bottom of every page titled 'Terms and rules', but...
  14. Indian Summer

    CA Canadian federal election 2019

    Apparently, there is an election in Canada today! I only heard about it on the radio, there's been nothing in the TV news or my go-to online news sites. I have no idea what the result might look like, but we won't know until...
  15. Indian Summer

    Ads - gone!

    You may have noticed that the ads we had here on Vegan Forum have been gone for a little while. (I'm not talking about the Ads section, but the stuff that pops up above/below threads and private messages that most people normally try to block with an Ad Blocker.) My approach to the...
  16. Indian Summer

    Post reactions

    I've added two new reactions: Friendly: ♥ (neutral) Informative: ℹ (gives +1 points) I might add a few more reactions at a later point. (I've also tweaked the reactions a bit - they're now all emojis - the effect is that they're a little bit smaller in size, but also easier to manage/modify.)
  17. Indian Summer

    Yahoo Groups are closing down, all content to be deleted

    Read all about it: Have you ever used Yahoo Groups? Do you care that they're closing down?
  18. Indian Summer

    The Netflix auto-preview feature

    Do you like the Netflix auto-preview feature? OR DO YOU HATE IT?!!!! (This is a public vote.)
  19. Indian Summer

    Space Sciences Saturn crowned new moon king

    My world is shattered - I never thought Jupiter could be de-throned! I demand a recount! (7. Oct. 2019)
  20. Indian Summer

    Philosophy Hauntology and nostalgia for lost futures

    Have you noticed how contemporary science fiction (in particular on TV and film) struggles to imagine truly new futures and keeps recycling retro aesthetics? I think this is why I'm so disappointed with so-called science fiction these days. I just watched this YT video on the topic and found it...