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  1. Max Caulfield

    News Donald Trump Jr. Shoots/Kills An Endangered Sheep.

    I suppose one could say this Argali ran out of its Trump cards.
  2. Max Caulfield

    Do you think all animal slaughter and meat should be banned?

    Ideally yes, realistically no. 1. I don't think animals should have protections equal to humans. In first place, it would be pointless at best and counter-productive at worst. I mean, animals would be unable to appreciate such protections as freedom of expression, freedom from slavery...
  3. Max Caulfield

    Transitioning from vegetarian to Vegan

    1.Depends on what do you mean by prepared, many cooking ingredients are already prepared products of vegetables, fruits, grains etc. It would be quite tedious and time consuming task (not to mention some raw products may not be available to me to prepare on my own) to me to prepare every single...
  4. Max Caulfield

    Problems with Presidential Candidates

    I couldn't care less if candidate for president is Vegan or not, as first it's unlikely to be in case and two pretty much useless outside bringing up topic from time to time. I don't see president being able to do anything in regard to veganism without reaching for authoritarian amount of power...
  5. Max Caulfield

    Transitioning from vegetarian to Vegan

    I signed in, to Kickstart but when I saw grocery list for a first week. I won't be able to purchase even half of the stuff in my local grocery shop, maybe in further away big mall but even then at best probably I'll find 3/4 of them. In my country, or at least city I don't think I ever saw...
  6. Max Caulfield

    Transitioning from vegetarian to Vegan

    Thanks for a replay. Yeah, I hear this a lot in regard to my outlooks on things but I just like to stay consistent, once I decide to dedicate myself to do something (what is not all that often), hence I try to think things through, what I guess many can interpret as overthinking. As for paid...
  7. Max Caulfield

    Transitioning from vegetarian to Vegan

    Hello, I've recently made a decision to make an attempt to become a vegan, with somewhat mixed results and quite a bit of issues as it basically looks like it's going to flip my life upside down, given my previous choice of food (very limited one I'm quite picky. one could say very picky) and a...