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    How can I cope with seeing people fishing whilst out?

    It's funny (not laughing funny, weird funny) - I grew up fishing. The memories I have going to the beach to fish with my dad to fish are some of the fondest I have. I remember watching him gut and de-bone them... barely grossed out by it at all. Later I grew up loving fish and sushi, especially...
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    So if you're a vegan parent living in Belgium, I guess it's time to get out :(

    I think there was - but I'm not sure what became of that - ??
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    Hello! New here! :)

    Welcome, Di! I avoid oil because I don't want to end up with a heart diagnosis... It runs in the family and I'd just as soon not leave this world that way (plus, the less oil I consume, the more yummy food I can eat!). Either way - happy to have you here! :)
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    So if you're a vegan parent living in Belgium, I guess it's time to get out :(

    Parents Raising Children Vegan Should Be Prosecuted, Claim Belgian Doctors And I thought things were crazy enough over here in these parts. :(
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    Closet Vegan

    I usually get a nods and blank stares when I say I don't want to die like the rest of my family and too many people around me have died, with heart disease and/or cancer. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a real life Truman Show. People know on some level but they just continue on like...
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    What did you have for lunch?

    Had a cheat meal - Veggie tacos from the taco truck 🌮🌮🌮😋
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    Vegans Going Crazy Over Oil

    I do not think anyone is saying oil isn't vegan, CBD or otherwise. LARD isn't vegan, but oil from a plant is definitely vegan.
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    My husband‘s family terrorizing us

    And, if he can't, you do it. Seriously, tell them to shut the f up and mind their own lives and business. If they still want to run their grown son's life, tell them to readopt him. Maybe tell them you don't have a death wish on your husband's life, them slap them with a load of links to health...
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    Chicken eggs

    Good point! At what point does "it's ok because it's just a backyard chicken" turn into it's really not ok?
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    Hello, everyone here!

    Hello and welcome! ... So, what's it going to take for you to ditch cow's milk? No pressure, just curious and want to help 🙂
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    hello people!

    Welcome, Kevin! I'm trained in music, art, and graphic design, but also work in IT. So far it is paying the bills better than all of my previous endeavors but the trade off is not having much time for the artistic ones. We do what we gotta do (and truth be told, I actually like technology)...
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    Today I learned that kale and collard greens, Chinese broccoli, red and green cabbages, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauli

    This makes no sense since you and I are the same species but I'm pretty sure we're not the exact same person...;)
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    Media Hi all, I'm new!

    Welcome! Interesting thing about protein... First off, the worry surrounding protein is a completely fabricated one, created to sell animal-based products, and our society has bought into that propaganda full stop (have you ever actually known anyone with a protein deficiency?). The fact is...
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    Reasons Not to Date Non-Vegans

    A BF I had for quite a while basically ghosted me a few months ago, which is fine by me since he started making snide comments about me being vegan, and vegans in general. Which is super stupid since we rarely, if ever, ate out anywhere, and the only non-vegan thing we ate together was eggs on a...
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    video surveilance

    She/he is so pretty! 😍