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    Dr. Shefflield's is actually my favorite toothpaste - can be purchased at CVS. No fluoride, though.
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    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    I feel like a damned criminal just walking down the street, and frankly, it's starting to **** me off. @Nekodaiden - I don't know what it is exactly, but I just know there is a lot more going on that what we're being fed (and it's not sitting well with me at all).
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    Finding the perfect man

    I feel ya. Not being vegan is a deal-breaker. I mean, m a y b e I could tolerate... Yeah, no. I just can't. Not in my house, anyway. No dairy or animal products in my house and that's the way I'm keeping it. So right there, I've eliminated like 97% of the population so I'm kinda giving up at...
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    I dunno, Lou. I go to great lengths to avoid fluoride everywhere. I had fluoride treatments as a kid and I still have issues with my teeth from when I was a kid. I stopped using fluoride at least 2 decades ago and haven't had a single new problem since. I wish I had an answer for you. <3
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    Guilty Confession

    The real question is, is he healthy? Or does he have any weight-related health issues? I get the part of about attractiveness - it's a mystery what makes us tick. And, I disagree that men aren't affected by comments about their weight. In our society, men just have more practice is making it...
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    making fresh food last longer

    Very cool! I will take one issue with her advise on the bananas, though. Bananas are fine on the counter until they get ripe. If you don't eat them right away when they get ripe, they should go into the fridge. The skins will continue to brown, but they will stay good on the inside for another...
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    Earth Hour is 8:30 tonight!
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    Earth Hour is 8:30 tonight!

    By coincidence I ended up here just now. Happy Earth Hour! 🌎💚🌳
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    The myth of the Angry Vegan V the Angry Non Vegan

    Yeah, go see my latest story in the Gripe thread... :/
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    No Free Lunches!

    Well, isn't that really nice of you? I'd fly 3K miles to take you up on that but they'll probably never let me on a plane b/c I will be refusing that the damned vaccine that they'll be shoving down everyone's throats in a short few months. Maybe we could have a Zoom date ;) 🤣🤣🤣
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    Thrive market

    I used to get stuff from them, but I didn't pay for the membership. They will sometimes grant a 'scholarship' if you can't afford it. I applied and got it for a couple years. Now, I could afford it, but there really isn't enough they have that I couldn't get anywhere else for a similar price...
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    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    There's a petition going around here to block everyone but residents coming into our town. I personally do not agree with this. Restaurants are still providing food to people and the vast majority of restaurant workers and grocery store workers can't afford to live here. They closed all the...
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    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    I'm just going to leave this here: (And quietly add that I am not a Trump supporter. It's not about that at all.)
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    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    Fun fact: I only recently got hip to the whole 'mass quote' thing here... #slowlearner
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    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    Well, considering that I only marginally consider it safe on a normal day, ...Yeah, pretty much the same level of safety. I probably feel safer now that they're being über particular/careful. (Except for the gloves. I don't trust how often they're changing the gloves, or how often their not...