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    How to Discuss Veganism with Non-Vegans ?

    Kid gloves. It's like telling a child Santa Claus isn't real - you're debunking a comforting myth they'd rather continue believing. I try to put the focus on factory farming and make the meat and dairy industries out as the bad guys. No one likes the idea of factory farming and hating on large...
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    Breyers Vegan Icecream

    Ben and Jerry's is making coconut ice cream treats for dogs now. Looks like it's even vegan, unless the "natural flavors" have animal products. Not gonna lie, tempted to try them :doggy:
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    US The 2020 Campaign for US President

    Anyone else sick of hearing Republicans resist impeachment with calls for "unity"? Seriously, when in the last 4 years have they chosen unity over political advantage? We should be unifying around the defense of democracy, not tolerance of seditionists.
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    Breyers Vegan Icecream

    Me either. I tried a Full Circle Organic coconut based ice cream today but it was too watery IMO. B&J vegan ice cream is better but tastes kinda funny. Soy Delicious is the best I've tried, rich and creamy.
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    US The 2020 Campaign for US President

    Funny how they find their spine when they're two weeks away from needing a new job
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    Industrial farms in the news.
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    US The 2020 Campaign for US President

    I've long thought Trump shouldn't be prosecuted after leaving office. That changed today. I'd say some members of Congress deserve expulsion after all this as well. We'll still have to live with his supporters, but I think the non-crazies will start to distance themselves and the rest don't...
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    Literature What are you currently reading?

    In Defense of Animals, a collection of animal rights essays edited by Peter Singer.
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    Whatcha Eatin?

    I tried Violife's "just like feta" today. They aren't lying! I would have spit it out and re-read the ingredients if it didn't say 100% vegan on the label. Definitely the most realistic substitute I've tried, felt like I was breaking the rules!
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    Christmas Countdown & Everything Thread (2020)

    Hope you all had a good Christmas! I got my oldest nephew a bike, looking forward to taking him on some rides as the weather warms up.
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    Animal-friendly idioms

    We can probably keep the "wool over the eyes" one...people being blinded by the use of animal products is pretty spot on
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    DXE punks Fox News

    A DXE activist posed as the CEO of Smithfield and talked about the link between factory farming and pandemics on Fox :joy: I'm not sure how strategic or effective this was, but it's pretty funny.
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    US Slaughter rates

    I think the comparison is totally valid, but likely to backfire if your goal is to change minds. People are looking for any excuse to dismiss vegan arguments and it gives them an opportunity to turn the you're the one insensitive to the plight and suffering of others! Now they can...