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    Struggling to cope with the way things are

    Hi Nathan I feel exactly how you do. Never a day goes by and i cannot understand how it is 'normal' to eat animals and it seems nobody cares about their suffering. Just remember you are not alone, we care. I know its hard but you need to try and ignore nasty comments from ignorant selfish...
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    Does anyone know of vegan/organic skincare lines?

    The Body Shop has some nice stuff, bit expensive but worth it
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    What food do you take on a camping trip?

    Violife cheese is a must for sandwiches!
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    Is it moral to eat animals?

    Of course it is not moral - this is 2017 and it is barbaric to kill and eat an animal. Every life counts on this earth, humans should respect this.
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    Need new recipes!

    Try stir fry veg with couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and vegan soy sauce - its yummy and quick!
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    ***christmas competition 2017***

    Yay! I wanna smell Lush for Christmas!!! {sorry!}
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    House cat or indoor rabbits?

    Hi, I think that it is cruel to keep a cat indoors, they love the outdoors. Rabbits also love to run about and they only live to approx 8 years old. I had house rabbits {their hutch and food was in the house}but they had the run of the house and also ran about in the garden, all animals...
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    Just wanted to say hello, I am the same I don't really relate to people, would be a much nicer...

    Just wanted to say hello, I am the same I don't really relate to people, would be a much nicer world filled with just vegans and happy animals x
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    Vegan 'fish and chip shop'

    Hi Damo Vegan pancake roll, vegan sausages, burgers battered and normal, pineapple and banana fritters, battered oreo!! All cooked seperately from the fish and chips. There was some other stuff as well cannot remember all of it.
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    Feeding your Pets

    I totally agree with you, I am vegan but that is my choice, my animals still eat meat - I do think it is unfair on them not to have it.
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    Do you have a pet?

    We have six dogs, two cats and some koi fish. All of them are rescued and all very spoilt and loved.
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    Vegan 'fish and chip shop'

    Hi Everyone, Just found a wonderful chip shop called 'Shakey Shakey' in Ramsgate High Street, Kent. On a Monday and Tuesday they do a vegan menu, yes a menu!!! I could not believe that I could choose something instead of just one option!!. They are lovely people and the food is yummy, will be...
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    Hello from New York! ^_^

    Hi Shannon Welcome!:)
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    Veggie to vegan. 6 weeks, all going well so far!

    Hi I am fed up with explaining myself for being vegan. I think we should ask the meat eaters why they feel the need to eat murdered animals, they are the savages, this is 2016 and it amazes me that there are so many ignorant selfish people out there.
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    Sense of smell changes

    Hi, I feel the same, the smell of meat makes me feel so sick. It saddens me that people are so uneducated to eat meat, I believe that if they knew exactly how their burger eventually got onto the plate they would not eat it. I have not eaten meat since I was 16, I am now 50. Stick to it and...