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    Media Free Vegan E-Book 'The Fit Vegans Secrets'

    Hi fellow vegans Hope you're doing great! :-) At the beginning of last week I've published a free e-book called 'The Fit Vegans Secrets'. It outlines 7 mistakes you make, that fit vegans don't. Thus far it has been downloaded hundreds of times and I'm in contact with big publications such as...
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    Service Online Vegan Personal Training - QualityGains

    Hi there guys, I have been a silent reader for a long time (and a recent contributor) to this forum and thought I'd share with you what I do and how I could possibly help you. :-) I have been vegan for now nearly 5 years, and have worked in the fitness industry for that same amount of time...
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    Vegan Atheists

    There is indeed a vegan and atheist correlation. There also seems to be a big correlation between veganism and alcohol abstinence. Which is cool. :-)
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    News America's largest milk producer files for bankruptcy

    This warms my heart. :-)
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    Donating $1,000 To Michael Greger -

    Hi fellow vegans Michael Greger is arguably THE nutrition go-to source for almost every vegan online. His grandmother Francis Greger was directly treated by the lifestyle medicine intervention legend Nathan Pritikin. His charity is impacting millions of people on a monthly...
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    California Planned Blackout

    Hope to have you guys back soon!
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    Hello fellow vegans

    *waves hello back* :-P
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    'may contain...' and 'made in a factory that also handles...'

    +1. I don't worry about it at all. It simply means that they've been produced in the same faculty. Currently there are, as far as I know, not many entirely vegan faculties due to economic reasons.
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    Hello fellow vegans

    Hi there :-)
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    Hello fellow vegans

    It's very nice. You essentially learn from the 'founders' of lifestyle medicine first-hand. :-)
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    Hello fellow vegans

    Wow thanks for the support! :-)
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    New to the forum, but not to veganism

    Not yet and also haven't heard of it. Sounds awesome though! You should post a summary in the forum afterwards. :-)
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    What time do you wake up?

    Are there any reasons for those underlying sleep issues? If it's not medical related it could be an issue in sleep quality. I'll send you a 100% free pdf that I usually send my clients (no strings attached!). I think it might help you improve your sleep quality. Please note that it usually takes...
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    What time do you wake up?

    Do it. It's freaking great. :-)
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    Do you ever feel lonely ?

    Although I'm an extrovert I prefer interaction quality over interaction quantity. I also only feel truly fulfilled if my days are productive. So as nerdy as this may sound, the amount of social interactions is not a metric that I include in the rating of a successful day. Although a base...