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    Hey there

    Welcome, Nathan.
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    Breakfast today was high fiber whole grain toast with a homemade blueberry jam (blueberries, water, raw sugar), and also vegan scrambled "eggs" (pre-soaked and cooked Great Northern Beans, water, onion, salt, turmeric, pepper blended then cooked).
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    What did you eat for dinner today?

    Not very hungry tonight after what I ate today, so I just had tater tots with sauce and some carrots. Sauce was a mixture of pasta sauce, salt, raw sugar, pepitas and mustard seeds, blended.
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    What did you have for lunch?

    Food today: Coffee with raw sugar, then tomato juice with salt and turmeric. The last packet of Ramen, with tater tots, broccoli, homemade sausages (oats, potoato, chia, white beans, Italian spices and salt), and Cos lettuce. A shake made with Acai powder, frozen banana, sunflower...
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    Not vegan enough?

    One of the driving (perhaps THE driving) force in Veganism is voting with your dollars. A second is defining what it means to be something with how you act. If an individual pays for a non-vegan meal (like a vegetarian meal) they are saying to the business " You do not have to accommodate...
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    What to eat/drink BEFORE breakfast?

    Often I have coffee with a sweetener of some kind (raw sugar, malt extract, jaggery etc). This morning I had coffee as usual but because I had a fair bit of alcohol last night I downed 2 large glasses of tomato juice + turmeric as well to quicken the sober up time.
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    Eat Clean Food!

    I'm not sure I see a conspiracy here, unless it's by purposeful lack of disclosure on ingredients. For instance, under soy protein (soy protein isolate, not soybeans or tofu/tempeh) it lists small amounts of hexane residue in the final product. That may or may not be concerning to some people...
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    Newly vegan

    1. Get enough calories - one of the biggest vegan newbie mistakes is not to eat enough food 2. Get enough fiber and resistant starch from whole food. Your microbiome (gut bacteria) will be changing once you stop all animal products and start feeding yourself more of these. You need to feed them...
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    What did you have for lunch?

    I have been bad the last few days. A bad advocate of healthy vegan living, but still vegan. My meals (breaky and lunch) have been Ramen (yes, the white flour palm oil fried crap, complete with flavor packet with MSG), Cos lettuce, other vegetables (tomato, Bell Pepper, carrot, mushroom, broccoli...
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    I had the homemade veggie "hot dogs" from my last post in the Dinner thread, with wholemeal bread, and either salsa or ketchup and cabbage for both breakfast and lunch.
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    Is vegan church legit?

    I have been thinking more about this, and I am still comfortable in saying that Veganism is absolutely not a religion nor should it be. Religion(s) involve beliefs/directions about all kinds of human life, and not only our relationships to animals. They often involve power structures and places...
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    What did you eat for dinner today?

    No posts in this thread for almost a "White Hot dogs" on whole wheat with a homemade picante sauce and wombok cabbage. White hot dogs are a mixture of boiled potatoes(wet), oat flour, sunflower seed flour, Italian herbs, salt(dry). Basically the dry ingredients are mixed...
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    My experience with zinc deficiency after going vegan (infections, acne, hair loss + more) and correcting it.

    Zinc deficiency does stop desire.(Edit: Deficiency has also been shown in males to slow/retard the growth of healthy sexual organs in persons from developing countries). I'm afraid you don't know me. I came to veganism with an alcohol dependence. Alcohol depletes zinc. I am very aware, by...
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    My experience with zinc deficiency after going vegan (infections, acne, hair loss + more) and correcting it.

    Thanks for sharing your story. My experience (coming up on 2 years now in a few months) is that zinc deficiency is absolutely not an issue for those including whole grains, legumes and some seeds/nuts in their diet. I know it's not "creeping up on me" either - I drink alcohol, and zinc is...
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    Don't shame people for eating meat...

    No, do it. This is a public forum and "anyone here" might not be a member, regular member and may just happen upon it in research. I know some about the climate arguments, but personally feel way unequipped to argue this area. The article is said to be written by Bjorn Lomborg. If it's the...