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    Has anyone tried KFC's vegan beyond chicken?

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tried the vegan beyond chicken and any thoughts they may have on it?!
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    Meat industry asks eu to ban “meat” label on veg food

    Yeah, people may be consuming more, but through government tariffs, poorly throughout international trade agreements that affect the food industry, drought, wildfires, recalls of products (which leads to lawsuits), and taxes, they are taking a significant hit. Plus, having another industry try...
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    Meat industry asks eu to ban “meat” label on veg food

    It is ridiculous to try and have a monopoly on a word, just because now veganism isn't a "fringe movement" anymore and is starting to dip into the meat and dairy industries profit. And if they are so big on transparency why don't they show people where their meat is from and how it is produced...
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    Plastic free deodorant

    Here are some DIY deodorant recipes, they are super easy to make. Plus, if you make your own, it'll be unbelievably cheap, while also cutting out single-use plastics. I think you were on the right track with the shea butter (moisturizes) but just needed to add some arrowroot powder...
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    What foods do you miss?

    Thank you! :) I will have to try some vegan fish alternatives. I hear a tin of banana blossoms and some seaweed flakes can make a great fish replacement.
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    What foods do you miss?

    Thank you! I definitely agree, a yummy plant-based cheese is hard to find.
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    What foods do you miss?

    All the new vegans out there! Was wondering, are there any non-vegan foods you miss or haven't found a good vegan alternative to yet? Or any foods/meals you hear non-vegans say they "can't live without"? I like making recipes that get people excited about eating vegan meals, so I just wanted...
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    How not to hate non vegans so much

    I think perhaps it's not always an argument of morals, but about access to accurate, reliable information. To think Halal meat is humane is a lack of understanding of the actual process. To think they could never live without cheese or meat is to say that's what makes up the majority of their...
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    Creamy roasted red potato salad

    Warm weather = BBQ season. And nothing goes better with a BBQ than salads! With that being said, here's my Roasted Potato Salad recipe, completely vegan of course :)! Happy almost weekend everyone! Get the recipe here: Roasted Potato Salad
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    Reducing plastic / living zero waste (help)

    No problem! I like Deviliciously Raw, they have a bunch of really nice raw bread recipes. And if you are interested, check out my Pinterest Board for some other raw recipes. It's truly surprising what gourmet dishes you can make with just raw ingredients! As for the tissue & toilet paper...
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    Reducing plastic / living zero waste (help)

    Hey, I'm also trying out the zero-waste lifestyle too! Here are some ideas to help you out! Bread: Bring a cloth reusable bag to your closest bakery or your grocery stores bakery and load up on carbs plastic free. Since you mentioned you don't have an oven, maybe try out some raw vegan recipes...
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    Hello all need help to become vegan

    Hello, I would suggest joining Pinterest, it is an awesome resource for finding vegan recipes. You just have to type in "vegan soups" or "quick vegan meals" and you get a bottomless scroll of recipes. Here are some to help get you started though: Protein-Packed Crockpot Chili, Vegan Beef...