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    Favorite Herbs & Spices

    I'm not sure if this is a spice but my body has always really liked/craved mint. But if I were to pick, health wise, I would say ginger! I add that stuff to a variety of meals and drinks - great for digestion.
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    How vegan are you?

    1. Risk death 2. Politely decline 3. If I knew, I would try to remove it if that was possible or ask for a new one since it is just a cup of coffee. But I would probably just end up consuming it if I didn't know.
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    Media Vegan blogger @ the honest whisper

    I don't think many people would consider my blog a typical vegan blog. I like to discuss mental health and aspirations I have for the future. I also like to have guest bloggers if that interests anyone! The motto my site goes by is: Nobody is Silent. Many are not Heard. Change this. My blog...
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    Another new member here!

    Hey! So I just joined today and thought I should introduce myself! My name is Laura Warner but I go by Lucy. I am a vegan animal rights activist in Toronto and am also a writer on my blog. I like to write about animal rights, mental health, personal stories, nutrition, and basically whatever is...
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    Watching cat videos prob.

    Watching cat videos prob.