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    New sofa is leather, ordered before becoming aware

    That's a personal decision. If it were me, I would have immediately put it up for sale. But I'm extremely sensitive about this stuff.. I would feel so hurt and awful just having it in my house, let alone using it for my comfort. But I would never want someone to feel shame for feeling...
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    Do you think children should be brought up vegan or vegetarian?

    Hmm.. Neither L, G, B or T is a choice, so not sure how that fits in here ;) lol.. but agree with you otherwise. I kept religion up in the air as well. I'm Atheist, but raised my children to think for themselves. One is a believer, one is not. it's our job to guide our kids, not force them...
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    Vegetables that taste like meat

    Hmm.. don't think I've ever had anything that tastes like meat before. I've created sauces and such that I used to use in certain meat dishes though.. like with tacos and fajitas for the kids, they don't miss the meat at all as long as the taste is there. Sort of like I mentioned in another...
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    Have you ever accidentally eaten meat or fish?

    Not yet.. but I don't expect to. I buy everything I eat myself. The only thing I've accidentally eaten is white sugar. Things happen.. we're still doing so much for the animals and our health and completely avoiding animal products is impossible.. they're everywhere. A little mishap is just...
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    Please help!

    I'll ditto what everyone else is saying and add; up your portions! I know you want to lose weight, but that will still happen if you're eating unprocessed foods.. it's so hard to overeat. Eat until you're full.. it's so so sooooo important. If you're hungry, you're not eating enough, simple...
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    Do you get asked, how do you get enough protein?

    Where do they get any of their nutrients, actually? lol.. most of their foods are fortified because they're so beyond processed they are no longer food. Even the animals they eat were supplemented lol.
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    Why is going green the new going broke?

    Maybe it's just where I am, but eating a plant based, whole foods diet is by far cheaper than when I was eating processed foods. Especially meat, it was more expensive than anything on our grocery list. All the processing is done in my kitchen, I don't buy packaged foods or foods the grocery...
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    Pro-vegan movies/vids etc?

    Ok, so we all know about the scary side of meat eating and those gawd awful documentaries that show the suffering of the poor, helpless animals. I know where to find them when I need them.. which I won't, they're preaching to the choir at this point, I don't need the imagery. My mother on the...
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    Do you feel restricted with food options when eating out?

    It depends where I am. I don't typically eat out, but in my home town, you can't find a vegan restaurant to save your life. If you're vegetarian, it's pretty easy to find options from pretty much any restaurant. Vegan meals though.. it gets tiresome talking the options to death and in the end...
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    Vegan Products for Dogs and Cats

    I think a dog needs REAL food (if possible, of course) and lots of love.. beyond that, it want's exercise and sunshine to roll around in. It doesn't know or care what vegansim is and it doesn't want a bunch of products when it has it's human to play with. A simple ball or stick will quite...
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    Being vegetarian: positive or negative?

    I was just going to add something similar. The in your face activists etc, only hurt you, annoy you, scare you, anger you if you let them. And that isn't vegetarianism/veganism.. that's just an outspoken person that only has power if you give it to them. The results of these lifestyles, if...
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    I know, especially when the animals are so hidden in things we don't even think about. I'm on a mission though, so I'll post more when I have the time to search again :)
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    Being vegetarian: positive or negative?

    I think it's nothing but positive if it's done right. It's not just doing the diet right either, but getting in the right frame of mind and always remembering why you're doing it in the first place. If we constantly see it as something we're forcing ourselves through, it will not last. If we...
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    I started making a list of vegan clothing stores etc recently, so I haven't made an uber long list yet.. but I did come across one shoe store I haven't thoroughly looked through it yet, but I did already see something I wanted lol. They even have some birkalikes :) Loved my...
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    Fruit allergies

    My son developed an allergy years ago and it went away when we cut out processed foods. I had watched one of those food documentaries about a man who had an unexplained allergy and was taking meds and he was generally unwell etc etc etc. That was the first time I connected food to health...