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    Hair Regrowth

    If my male pattern baldness accelerates for a few months due to stress, is that hair gone forever even when I get rid of the stress? I understand that stress can cause temporary hair loss and that it will grow back in people who don't have male pattern baldness. However, I understand that there...
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    Needing to urinate around 3 to 4 times a night

    I have experienced nocturia on and off the last few years but in the last 4 to 5 months or so I have literally experienced it every single night where around 3 to 4 times a night I wake up absolutely dying to use the bathroom. So this happens about a quarter of the times I wake up throughout the...
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    Keep feeling starving about one hour after eating.

    I'm varying what I'm eating at the moment, so I couldn't really tell you. All I can really tell you in terms of the overall picture is that I consume around 4000 calories a day. Each meal is around 1000 calories. Very low fat (around 5 per cent of calories), very high carb (around 85 to 90% of...
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    Keep feeling starving about one hour after eating.

    I got the results of a stool test back and I don't have any parasites. I got a referral to see a gastroenterologist so that they can check for leaky gut, inflammatory bowels, etc. but I doubt they will find anything.
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    Does anyone have experience with probiotics causing diarrhoea?

    There was no dairy. It was in the plant-based section of the supermarked.
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    Does anyone have experience with probiotics causing diarrhoea?

    I had a drink with probiotics in it and then had diarrhoea about an hour later. I know this wasn't because of what I was eating at the same time because I have those foods all the time without any consequence. Has anyone had this experience?
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    Keep feeling starving about one hour after eating.

    When I went back to consuming a large amount of sodium (around 1700 to 3400 mgs of sodium) whenever this starts happening about an hour after meals, the problem immediately goes away and I don't think about food for around 3 to 4 hours again, as though I've just consumed a full meal. I have to...
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    Keep feeling starving about one hour after eating.

    However, what is happening now is that I feel really full and satisfied, then after half an hour to an hour I become starving again. This is in contrast to my earlier problems with hyponatremia where I would need to consume a huge amount of salt with my meals to feel full, but then once full I...
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    Can anxiety throughout the day cause sleep-maintenance insomnia?

    Can anxiety throughout the day cause sleep-maintenance insomnia as well, or just anxiety as you are trying to get to sleep? I always thought that my sleep-maintenance problems were not attributable to anxiety (but were rather something physiological/nutritional/etc.) because I am always able to...
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    Health Issues My experience with zinc deficiency

    Thanks so much for all your help. I've been reading your blog posts and the journal articles you have provided links to in your posts, and am considering trying some zinc and magnesium supplements. Do you know anything about blood tests for zinc and magnesium? I think I will be able to get a...
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    Health Issues My experience with zinc deficiency

    It's interesting that you say this, because I've developed a problem in the last few years where I am getting acne or folliculitis (a dermatologist said it was folliculitis and and a GP said it was acne) over multiple parts of my body. It started on my upper thighs on the front, then progressed...
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    Sleep-maintenance problems almost every night for five years

    I've had ongoing sleep maintenance problems for five years where I repeatedly wake up throughout the night, around 10 - 20 times. Usually I can get back to sleep as soon as I wake up, but the more times I wake up throughout the night the harder it is to go back to sleep, and I end up not getting...
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    Why do I have hyponatremia?

    I find it amazing that you say this because I had the exact same problem (see my previous posts). It took me about 3 years to figure out, and my symptoms were at their worst last year just before I figured out the problem (diarrhea immediately after or during each meal; lethargy after each meal...
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    Can't tell whether i have sunburn or dermatitis

    I usually don't wear sunscreen because it almost always gives me dermatitis on my face, and so when I go outside I cover my face with a mask and wear a hat. However, I found a sunscreen that wasn't causing any type of reaction so I was going out just with sunscreen on my face (and sunglasses so...
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    I don't understand how electrolyte tablets are useful when they contain such low electrolytes

    Because I'm aware that you lose electrolytes when you sweat. Also, I think I get hyponatremia easily. I had a problem for a while where I kept getting diarrhea in the middle of eating, or immediately after eating, having lethargy, excessive thirst and excessive urination, and all of these...