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    11 vegan books to read this summer that are not just recipes

    Come summer and some of us would be happy lying down on the beach {or pool} entranced by a book rather than kayaking with friends or playing frisbee. For others summer means the stifling heat in the metro, being ever so close to people’s armpits on the commute into work. In a situation like...
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    5 rules every vegan should break

    thank you Lou
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    5 rules every vegan should break

    Some rules are meant to be broken. Besides breaking rules can give you that high you’ve been seeking for long – the feeling of a rebel. A vegan lifestyle often demands discipline and an extra amount of effort like scanning every product’s ingredients list thoroughly before making any purchase...
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    Handbag/shoulder bag

    Doshi the super stylish and sophisticated vegan backpacks from Doshi are not only cruelty-free but better looking too, crafted with ample attention to detail. Designed for durability and versatility, the Pro Sport backpack is made from high-quality microfiber leather and heavy-duty nylon that...
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    My favorite ethical fashion brands

    My Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands At The Green Showroom At Berlin Fashion Week The ethical fashion movement has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and one positive result is that there are many ethical platforms at major fashion weeks across the world, including the ones in Berlin...
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    Is vegan-friendly fashion actually bad for the environment?

    What are Your suggestion
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    Banana agriculture

    Once again, the ecological doomsday bell has been set to tolling, this time by folks fearful of the imminent demise of our favorite fruit, the banana. In January 2003, a report in New Scientist suggested bananas could well disappear within ten years thanks to two blights: black Sigatoka, a leaf...
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    Impacts of E-waste on the environment E-waste, or electronic waste, is waste from all sorts of electronics ranging from computers and mobile phones to household electronics such as food processors, pressure, cookers etc. The effects of improper disposal of this E-waste on the environment are...
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    Anyone knows about vegan shopping website in germany

    hello, friends, I'm looking for vegan shopping websites in Germany. I want to place an order for the cousin on his birthday and just want to surprise him with the special vegan gift. So please help me to find out vegan websites.
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    Vegan cleanser

    It gently but deeply cleans sin with elegant foam, leaves a clean and fresh NAVEEN Men Facial Cleansing Mousse 100% Natural Origin of Total COSMOS Natural Certified Product Helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress whilst invigorating citrus extracts to refresh and waken skin...
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    Vege parent = vege child?

    I understand your concern and happy you showed your opinion here. According to me forcing a child for vegan practice is like that I'm resisting my children growth as I want my children to realize by their own and being vegan we can't force anyone to adopt it immediate effects.
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    Cooking animal products for my non-vegan loved ones? an ethics issue.

    Hello, Julie; cooking nonvegan dishes for other is not unethical until unless they don't know about your vegan practice. And if you are very recent vegan then you surely know about nonvegan recipes. The thing is like that if you are offering a food you can cook vegan dish but if you want to cook...
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    Vege parent = vege child?

    Hello Mariah I'm not married but yes i want to share my views here, as I'm 2year old vegan and I enjoy my life being vegan for me raising a child as a vegan is like a forcing a baby to adopt vegan and somewhere it will resist their growth, when i was consuming meat and transformed to vegan no...
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    Affordable ethical clothing brands?

    you can visit address chic where you can get ethical and sustainable clothing brands with lots of accessories which are completely vegan and cruelty-free Wide Home Banner by Jinendra Singh posted Jul 23, 2018 at 3:46 PM
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