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    Sacrificing my diet for work?

    Hi Forester, the firefighters that think you need meat or dairy to fight fires, to have enough energy, they are wrong. And I am 99% sure. There are vegan bodybuilders and Scott Jurek won the biggest ultramarathon about 5 years in a row as a vegan and Novak Djokovic won all four tennis grand...
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    Is it Vegan App

    I saw this app mentioned on another thread by Lou. Thanks Lou for bringing that to my attention. I thought I'd start a new thread to avoid derailing that one. However I saw a bunch of reviews of it saying it was often wrong and often returned "don't know" as a result. Does anyone have...
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    Hello and help!

    Hi Aaron, a vegan diet is fine for high exercise. Don't worry, you will be fine, just check the youtubers mentioned above. I personally only do serious exercise 1 day a week. I don't pay any extra attention to what I eat on those days any more than other days, I just eat a little more or the...
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    Anti-vegan grandma

    Your Grandma is probably just worried about you. Just reassure her but yeah if these calls are going to keep on coming there is a limit to how many you can take. Eventually you could make a list of all the health organizations that say that vegan diets are healthy.
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    Introducing myself and asking for support!

    Welcome to the forum and hope you are doing well!
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    Is a refrigerator a necessity?

    I think a single person living alone could try for a mini super eco-efficient fridge freezer. I don't think I'd like to live without one.
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    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Forest Nymph, I don't want to debate with you due to your lack of basic manners, inability to concede a point even when I proved you conclusively wrong, unhealthy obsession with attacking me and undermining me and the way you repeatedly misrepresented my views.
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    How can I cope with seeing people fishing whilst out?

    I don't think you have to convince any of us that fishing is bad. I think we all agree on here! I think this may be a case where you have to put up with it, or not go where there is fishing. If you do talk to them, make sure that 1. You do it without your non-vegan family present 2. You don't...
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    I respect your choice, do you respect mine?

    'I respect your right to be vegan.' and asked, 'Do you respect my right not to be?', ________________ I think the key to this argument is this: Everyone should be able to live their life however they like, as long as it doesn't cause others to suffer.
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    I respect your choice, do you respect mine?

    I agree that you should portray the message in a positive way and not be overly judgmental. The problem is that the "I don't judge" vegan sometimes is a quiet vegan who enables meat eating by their silence. So, the just "I'll casually eat my lettuce and people will eventually pick up on it"...
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    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Side note - It took me a while to figure out why this “you save x animals per year” dogma is so persistent even though, in my opinion, it’s somewhere between misleading and just plain wrong (except in case of fish, see above), but I think I've got it now: 1. The "save animals" vegan activism...
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    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Animals are bred, raised and killed in response to demand. For each person going vegan, less animals will be bred in the first place. They will not suffer and they will not die because they will never even be born. Saying that going vegan saves animals from slaughter or from death is...
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    A few vegan jokes ;)

    A day in the life of a vegan is good.
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    What are your thoughts on impossible/beyond meat burgers?

    I'm maybe being unrealistically optimistic but I hope the vegan news just keeps on and on going. Eventually we want to see a shift from the current situation - where one vegan or vegetarian option added to a restaurant is newsworthy - to a new one where that is no longer news but the news is...
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    My husband‘s family terrorizing us

    Comments are a bit harsh. No messing about! It's hard to judge these situations though without being there. I suggest telling your husband (when no-one else is there) that this upsets you and ask him to have a word with them, and then stand up for you later on. I mean when they are being mean...