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    Tofurky - where to buy??

    Hi everyone, I recently tried tofurky and it is an absolute blessing! Unfortunately I bought it in a little shop in Norwich which is hours away from me! Does anyone know where I can buy tofurky from? I haven't seen it in any supermarkets so far :'(
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    Hey everyone, I'm really starting to miss marshmallows and as its getting colder I am starting to crave smores... Does anyone know of any vegan marshmallows that I can get? I've looked online but they are all very expensive :( Thanks and happy Halloween
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    Vegan cosmetics?

    The origins (I think that's what they're called) shower gels are vegan and always on sale in Superdrug for £1. I think there is a company in the UK called arvon or arbon that sells vegan organic cosmetics
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    Vegan pet foods

    I have both a cat and a dog and I personally think that as cats are obligate carnivores that they shouldn't be vegan but dogs on the other hand I would consider. It seems to me that to avoid this issue you should just buy a vegan pet (like a tortoise, so cute) but then that would mean that more...
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    Vegan pizza from Dominos!

    I thought dominos bases weren't suitable for vegans? I really hope I'm wrong I miss pizza so much.
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    if anyone's missing nutella, they do a really nice alternative at Sainsbury's
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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, vegan flavours!

    This is a dream come true ♡.♡ I also heard that Asda are going to release a vegan Quorn range!
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    How to live life as a Vegan in the UK?

    Hi Sammie, I would definitely say to try Sainsbury's if you have one locally although not all their stores carry their whole range. For me I have to travel to a larger Sainsbury's to get the stuff I need but its worth it. But as the person above said its actually surprisingly easy becoming...