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    Odd things I've noticed since becoming vegan

    Might be an obvious one but I now crave vegetables/legumes, potatoes of all varieties the same way i would crave carnivorous dishes in the past. Actually even more so... Also of note, when I stopped eating meat I didn't have any revulsion to it at all for the first week or so but now it...
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Ive been wanting that General Tso's flavor... Experimenting with my own version :)
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Vegan vegetable Korma...naan A few gin and sodas....(tough week)
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    Cheese recipe

    @MoreGreens I never ended up making any hard cheese, no. I have the stuff but havent had time to experiment with it. To be honest, Ive been pretty content with just making the tofu, nooch and cashew like cheese in the food processor. Its creamy and very spreadable...the more nooch applied...
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Cooked up some diced onion in ginger garlic paste, tomato paste, spices...then wilted down some kale, flashed some Cananelli beans in more olive oil, some plant based sausage...some nooch and red pepper flakes over edamame pasta.
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    The Earthgrown sour cream was so bad I had to toss it 😆
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Yup 😆 The Earthgrown brand is great for meatballs and love their various veggie burger brands. Their dairy products I do not recommend. The moz shreds and the sour cream were something to be desired imo.
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Absolutely agree... and my store doesn’t always have them so when they do I stock up like mad...
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Tonight I made a garam masala stew with ginger garlic paste, onion, some tamarind, diced tomatoes, carrots, chopped green beans, spices and orzo... cooked in vegetable stock and coconut milk.
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Sounds great! Those Aldi meatballs are really really really good. Have about 3 bags in the freezer.
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    Go Vegan

    What worked for me is, I did a "trial". No pressure. Just said I will do this for a week or two and then stop if I want to. After the trial, I felt so good that I didnt want to stop. You might find the same. Now mind you I have only been vegan for 2 months but I can say I dont have a desire for...
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    Supper/Dinner Time ! What's on the menu ?

    Vegan lasagna (ragu with plant based mince, spinach, zucchini, red bell, onion, etc) and cashew tofu nooch cream sauce. Generous shakes of hot sauce...side of wilted spinach...almond milk
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    National Homemade Soup Day

    Sweet! Looks great... I did not know it was soup day...yesterday etc. But today, I made a vegan stew that was mostly a pantry/fresh veg basket cleaner-outer.... But was pretty good...lots of veg of course, smoked paprika, ginger garlic paste, potatoes, white beans, chopped spinach, several...
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    Watching grown adults cry when people don't agree with them

    Respectful discourse....yes. It is something I enjoy and do fairly naturally. When disagreement occurs, which is a naturally part of conversation I listen. Not to find holes/openings but really listen, ask questions to perhaps clarify their position and then state where I stand. If the discourse...
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    New from France