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    Recipes for new vegan

    Hi, I've been vegan for 11 days now and I'm kind of lacking on variety so I'd like to try new recipes with avocado, tahini, hummus, cucumber, lentils, beans, broccoli, potatoes or some recipes with almond milk. So if anyone has a favorite recipe with any of this ingredients I'd like to try it.
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    thanks for answering, I think that could be it, leaving cheese has actually been the hardest part so it's posible
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    Hi, thanks for answering. The new thing I tried was tahini, and other than that I think I’ve been eating enough
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    Hi, I’ve been vegetarian and transitioning to vegan for 10 days and I’ve had 2 episodes of extreme anxiety in which I couldn’t sleep the entire night, I want to know if this can be related to my change in eating? Has someone experienced something similar?