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    Rawvana, not so vegan!

    I find That Vegan Couple irritating! I do think that Freelee did a good job on the Rawvana response, although I know what you mean by she has some serious issues.
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    Rawvana, not so vegan!

    I just watched this before too lol and the freelee vid is a crack up
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    Lambs are super cute

    It’s voting time in Australia... this is who I am asking people to vote for.
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    Omnivore boyfriend

    I am married to an omnivore who’s basically a vegan. What did I do? Nothing! I just continued to cook good healthy vegan food and if he complained about wanting meat I said, “Sure, go buy some meat and put it on the BBQ”. Guess how many times he has done that? You got it... 0 I didn’t appear...
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    I eat figs... am I not vegan?

    I didn’t see any wasps when I ate the figs
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    I eat figs... am I not vegan?

    I just got told, by a non vegan, that because I eat figs from my fig tree that I am not vegan because it’s full of wasps. Your thoughts?
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    Happy Easter!!

    Happy Easter :) Orthodox Easter today :)
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    Happy Easter!!

    This year I bought 0 choc eggs and did not paint any either. Instead we decorated candles with the kids, as they use the candles in church. It was great :)
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    How did you transition?

    When I make a decision, I stick with it :)
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    Rawvana, not so vegan!

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    Hi my fellow vegans

    Welcome Tomas :) there are great people in this forum, you will certainly enjoy your time here :)
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    Impossible burgers come to burger king

    In Australia BK is called Hungry Jacks and they have a full vegan burger... mayo, cheese and all. I have tried it to support the concept... it’s not bad. But we have a burger joint called Grill’d and OMG their vegan burgers are AMAZING! They also have beyond meat vegan burgers. It is so pleasing...
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    Rawvana, not so vegan!

    LOL no one cares about her haha
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    Rawvana, not so vegan!

    You may have heard about Rawvana getting caught eating fish without letting her audience know first. I watched the vid where she was caught eating the fish and she does try to hide it. She has since made a sorry vid, but it does not look well received with huge amounts of downvotes. What are...
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    2 rants

    Dr Doug Lisle, an evolutionary psychologist, has some great vids and podcasts on exactly this topic. Root cause: people making these comments are seeing that you are taking an emotional high ground and try to shoot you down to their level.. it’s evolutionary human nature. What you do instead...