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    What did you have for lunch?

    Tomato soup with toast and vegemite on the side
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    What did you have for lunch?

    Tomato and, vegan cheese on garlic bread
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    What did you eat for Dinner/Supper today?

    Chili and bean casserole
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    Is it reasonable to expect restaurants to serve both vegan and non-vegan options?

    O.H is a chef and always has at least one vegan dish in entrees, mains and desserts. He always has a range of foods available for people with allergies too. Not having alternatives just means disappointed people will not be back. When we occasionally go out I always ring to make sure they have...
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    What did you have for lunch?

    Fruit salad with pancakes
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    Fresh fruit salad with coconut yogurt
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    What did you eat for Dinner/Supper today?

    Grilled mushroom,onion, garlic, tomato and beetroot with lettuce in a toasted sandwich
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    Garden birds

    I grow sacrificial crops of cherry tomatoes, chillis, pawpaws and strawberries in a separate corner of the yard for the birds, possums and just net a few plants near the house for our own use.
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    What is your zodiac?

    Not really into zodiac signs, but I'm a taurus in the sun signs, a rooster in chinese signs, a poplar in druid signs, the closest aussie sign for me is a wombat, according to this site /
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    Something to ponder

    Science is hard for me, I am not well educated and rely on more intelligent, better educated people to guide me. But when they get it wrong they say well we made a mistake , but that mistake was believed and trusted by less educated people and it caused a lot of harm Example, my mum and dad...
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    What are you reading now?

    A book from my school days that has always stuck with me, though a little vague now, I just remember that it touched me, made me think that my feelings that animals are worthy of love and respect were validated. I always felt an affinity for cattle, this book was a catalyst for a young me...
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    Re-using, recycling, new uses for old things.

    A huge thank you to all the replies and brilliant ideas. Meyersaurus I am long past the age of needing pads, but starting to have weakness in the bladder when lifting or stretching so making some again is an excellent idea for me. I am so impressed with all these ideas, thank you every one
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    ***christmas competition 2018***

    Congrats Lou
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    What did you eat for Dinner/Supper today?

    Baked beans spiced up with taco seasoning mix and some grilled mushrooms on the side.
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    ***christmas competition 2018***

    Oh how lovely.