Oatly Carton
I love these products - and what they put on the cartons!

If you're in the UK, drinking oat milk is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Almond milk is imported from USA, soy and rice milks no closer than Italy (the soy still usually comes from USA)... but you can either make your own UK oat milk or get this which comes from Sweden. :)
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Interesting fact with Oatly is that they fully disclose that the Oats they grow in Sweden are fertilised with bone meal. This apparently is a legal requirement for all organic produce in Sweden.
Doesn't this make Oatly products non vegan?
I also wondered if this is policy in other countries? If so I guess its a case of buying non organic produce and having to deal with other chemical nasties.
@Simon Hey Simon. It's a bit of a grey area, some people will and wont use Oatly because of how it's fertilised. Personally, I'm happy to purchase Oatly's milk because it's still technically animal free. Plus they are not intentionally using bone meal, it's required by law and they state in their FAQ that they're working to achieve change. I believe that it's near impossible to be 100% vegan, for example my car uses certain animal products that I cannot remove or purchase a car without.

Others will probably disagree, doing your best is all that matters.
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@Damo Understand what you're saying Damo, aside from going and living in a cave and growing your own veggies it's impossible to be 100% vegan. I completely appreciate Oatly's stance and their transparency, but I won't be using their products anymore as other alternative milks are readily available, I intend contacting Alpro to see where they stand on this issue. I guess I need to do a bit more research into farming practices, across the board, tbh it was something I hadn't even considered until recently.
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I love the honest, down to earth, refreshing attitude of those Swedish, oat-milk producers. Milk is a dirty business, and that's reflected in the lies that the dairy industry tell the consumers through advertisements.
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